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This age old Traditional Chinese Medicine technique can now be done at home. What does the Gua Sha do exactly? It can help break up stagnant blood beneath the skin to help reboots collagen. It can help with lymphatic drainage and sculpting and righting the muscles in your face to give you the ultimate natural facelift. 

Color Varys from stone to stone. If you have a preference in color please add that to the notes. More red or yellow. 


  • Soften fine lines
  • Decrease puffiness 
  • Sculpts and Lifts Facial Muscles
  • Detox’s 
  • Releases Tension 
  • Brightens
  • Helps to achieve healthy happy skin


Skin types

 ✔ All
 ✔ Aging
 ✔ Acne
 ✔ Sensitive 



Apply one of our Kanary Facial Oils to full face to get a nice smooth glide.

With a light to medium pressure glide Gua Sha from chin to ear 3 times then sweep down side of neck. Swipe under check bones 3 times and sweep down side of neck. Swipe with small edge up side of nose and then to the outer face. Swipe up between brows to top of forehead 3 times then swipe to the side of forehead from the middle to outside of face. Then sweep down neck 3 times. 


Non Toxic

We go above and beyond the legal clean and pure standards in the US. Kanary is always synthetic free and only sources High Quality Potent natural ingredients that nature intended our skin to absorb.



Cruelty free - Vegan- Toxin free - 100% Organic 





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