Why Kanary (ca-nar-y)

Small but mighty-A real Canary’s story   

Founder, wifey, mama bear, beach and dog lover, Melisa Kahne is the heartbeat and backbone of the Kanary Brand.  Melisa began Kanary out of pure desperation. After working as a hair stylist for many years and becoming very sick after being exposed to toxic levels of chemicals from a hair treatment, Melisa learned she had severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and was  compared to a Canary in a coal mine by her doctor. With her daughters in mind, Melisa set out to create skincare products that she could safely use in her home and around her family. Her passion for real, recognizable, and pure ingredients is what motivates her to formulate the very best clean,effective- toxin free products for her customers. 


Canary in a Coal Mine 

The Canary bird has an innate alarm in it that can set off advanced warning of danger. Coal miners would take the Canary bird into the mines with them and as long as they could hear the canaries sing, they knew that they were safe. If there were toxic levels of carbon monoxide in the mines, the Canary bird would die before the levels of gas were extremely hazardous to us humans. That’s how the metaphor Canary in the Coal Mine was created.

Severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Someone whose has heightened sensitivities to adverse conditions and chemicals that makes them a useful early indicator of such unhealthy conditions; something which warns them of the coming of greater danger or trouble by a deterioration in their health or welfare.” There are different levels of MCS reactions may vary, airway restriction, burning of the eyes, nose, throat and esophagus, headache, fatigue, brain fog, tingling, muscle or joint aches, confusion or rashes plus many more.