Sugaring Benefits


Sugar only removes dead skin cells. Wax removes the first layer of dermis (aka skin) leaving the skin irritated. Our sugaring treatment is lukewarm and will never burn your skin.





Sugaring requires less grow out than wax.


Depending on your hair growth, hair can be extracted with as little as 3-5 days of growth after shaving. 8-10 days are preferred for your first sugaring treatment.




Sugaring can lead to permanent hair removal.

It gently removes hair deep within the follicle in the natural direction of hair growth. Sugaring can grab the smallest level of hair growth called anagen state of growth that leads to permanent hair removal. Anagen state of growth Reduces ingrown hairs and breakage. 




It's made of organic natural clean safe ingredients. 100% biodegradable.


Made from 3 natural simple ingredients, sugar, lemon and water. So natural you can take a little taste!




Sugaring paste is a great choice for all skin types including super sensitive. It's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.




Sugaring is a natural exoliation, leaving your skin with a radiant GLOW.  


Our sugar treatment will take dry, flakey, dehydrated and leave it soft, smooth and silky. 




Sugaring is very the cleanest form of hair removal. sugar cannot bread bacteria. We use a clean glove anytime we need a new ball of paste



Sugaring paste is water-soluble. Meaning it does not take chemicals to remove from the skin. It rinses off with warm water.