Become a Clean Beauty Ambassador

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Do you care about what you put on your hand into the earth?

We are searching for Clean Beauty Ambassadors to help educate people on safer skincare. We are a female owned company looking for highly driven people who are ready to become Entrepreneurs and help make the world a little healthier. 

We recommend that you read the founder Melisa aka Kanary’s story to read why she is on a mission to educate as many people as possible on what they apply to their skin. Her story will let you know why each product is made fresh daily or weekly. And we don’t like the “without any harsh chemicals” statement. We are truly a zero synthetic skincare company ready to make a difference in the word. 

If you want to become a Clean Beauty Kanary Ambassador and start chirping with us to spread the word on clean beauty that is family friendly email us at . And we will give you the details on our pay structure. Note we are not a cheesy pyramid company. We are a high quality handmade skincare product looking for the right individuals that want a meaningful career. 


A true Kanary in a coal mine story

When Melisa aka Kanary was poisoned by a beauty product that is approved to be used safely in the US beauty industry. She became severely multiple chemical sensitive. It left her no other option other than to make safe products for her household as she was unable to use  over the counter “so called natural products”. She set out on a mission to educate herself on what is in our beauty products. As she learned the legal laws of the US beauty industry she found out that the Us only bans 30 ingredients from personal-care products. And that Europe bans 1,400 ingredients. Do you know how many ingredients are hormone disruptors?? More than 30!! Have you honestly ever stopped and thought about what you are using on yourself and your kids? Have you ever thought about why kids are hormonally changing at such a young age? Pubic hair at 6,7 and 8?? This is not ok. So Melisa aka Kanary is on a hardcore mission to help families learn about the safety of ingredients. And that not all companies claiming natural and organic are safe. That is why our mission is to handcraft the cleanest and most effective family friendly skincare.

If you're down to jump on board and start educating family, friends and your kids about Kanary’s small but mighty handmade clean and green beauty products hit us up. We're ready for you and the world is ready for you!


Kanary aka Melisa