Kanary Naturals


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Now Booking for January 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The New Moon Facials have limited availability. Book now to start your New Year's Cleanse.

Available only 1 day before - during - 1 days after the new moon

We combine our powerful plant based facial with crystals and stones for an ultimate mystical facial. Each facial treatment is curated for the individual.

Start the New Year and the New Moon Cycle with a complete aura cleanse using local sage, and a powerful heart chakra crystal singing bowl sound bath. We then surround the body with powerful crystals and stones to help massage and release negative energy and toxins from the face and neck. We then apply our Magical crushed amethyst facial mask at will help you feel balanced and refreshed. Let your inner self feel more grounded to mother earth and align your energies for the month ahead. (75 minutes)

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