Deodorant 2 for $25 Lemongrass and Blue Tansy Extra Strength

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Full Moon Market Exclusive offer.  For every product sold we will be donating $2 to the Loveland Foundation. This is our extra-strength deodorants scented with the purest essential oils you can source. Always solvent free and alcohol free.

Full moon Market Deodorant Duo

Our extra strength blue tansy deodorant calms the skin and irritation. Lemongrass extra strength is fresh and revitalizing. 100% non-toxic extra-strength organic formula is made using only natural ingredients. Effectively neutralizes odor and wetness, leaving you feeling fresh all day. 


  • Long lasting odor control (actually works)
  • Absorbs wetness
  • 100% Toxin Free
  • Made with mindful organic ingredients

Skin type

  • Teens to Adults
  • Family and Everyone friendly


Press deodorant to underarm, and let the product naturally soften to your body temp. Then glide 1-2-3 times. Blend any excess with your fingers.

Non Toxic

We go above and beyond the legal clean and pure standards in the US. Kanary is always synthetic free and only sources High Quality Potent natural ingredients that nature intended our skin to absorb.

*Organic Ingredients

*arrowroot powder, *coconut oil, baking soda (naturally sourced) *bees wax, *grape seed oil, tangerine essential oil, blue tansy essential oil