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This is a 4 week maintenance service after you have done a Brazilian with Kanary. The Brazilian is a full removal of hair from front to back. Some clients chose to leave a landing strip or a cocktail shape on the base.

Kanary sugaring is a organic and hypoallergenic way to remove hair.

This service is for natural hair removal using a organic sugar paste that fully removes hair. Kanary recommends your hair to have at least 5-7 days of growth after shaving, 10 days is preferred and required for your first treatment.


Here's the Details.

Hair growth is more refined after each sugaring session.

After a number of sugaring treatments the hair follicle starts to deplete, which leads to permanency.

Sugaring paste is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.  

Sugaring is water soluble so it’s easy to remove from skin.

It's pure, organic, natural and uses biodegradable ingredients

Sugaring only removes dead skin cells unlike wax, wax removes the first layer of live skin cells.

Sugaring causes less trauma to the skin verses wax. 

Kanary sugar is handmade using natures purest ingredients organic sugar, lemon and water.

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