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Kinesiology FACE Taping ADD ON

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This technique is great for aging skin. The purpose of using the tape is for it to help prolong the age well massage techniques that we do at Kanary. It helps to keep the skin lifted, sculpted and de-puffed. It also helps relax certain muscles. The uplifted area creates the space where blood and lymph will flow much more effectively and as a result the treated area will regenerate much quicker. We not only tape the face but the neck and chest as well. We customize you taping treatment based off the areas your skin needs lifted and tightened. Combination of unique techniques of manual face correction as well as face self-modeling with the help of the tapes, will allow you to achieve amazing results in treating fine lines/wrinkles and sculpting the face.
  • Helps Regenerate the skin
  • Uplifts the skin 
  • Lymph will flow more effectively 
  • Relax muscles that need calming
  • De-puffs skin
  • Works the Face, Neck and Chest
  • Tapes are the extension of manual therapy and allows results to last longer.


The cost is $35 for each 10 minutes.

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