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Brighten your complexion in less time with the Kanary Recharge Facial!

If you are short on time you will love the results of this mini facial. It is the perfect way to REFRESH and brighten your complexion.

All Facials are customized for your skin's specific needs. Kanary will do a detailed skin analysis and then curate all your skincare treatments during your appointment.


Here's the Details

All facials start with setting the intention for your mind and body to connect to create an ultimate healing process from deep within.

Starts with the Triple Kanary cleansing Method, a custom deep oil-based cleanser, a custom creamy exfoliating scrub followed by a gentle therapeutic grade essential oil foam cleanser.

Next is potent plant-based mask that is handcrafted for your skin's specific needs. Sometimes this mask has two formulas depending on what we are focusing on as the skin has different needs in different zones. 

A 15 minute massage depending on your wants and skin needs, it can consist of Melisa's signature Gua Sha facial massaging or herbal infused cupping to help plump, lift, tone and decongest. 

Next Melisa then finishes with a customized toxin free Jelly mask that provides ultra hydration and extra smoothing of those fine lines.

The final touches are adding in additional moisturizer and eye balm.

extractions excluded



I have been getting facials for over 20 years. This is the first facial I have actually seen results for my aging skin. I really noticed a difference in my neck and forehead.



We are very lucky to have Melisa offering these facials in our hometown. Her facials are more than just skin work it feels like an overall experience. You can feel her energy she puts into them.


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