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Detox Mud Mask 2 OZ

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Decongest clogged pores deep within the skin while rejuvenating and hydrating the skin. Leaves your skin looking younger, smoother, brighter, clear and radiant. 

Ethically and sustainably sourced, moor mud is created naturally in the world's largest thermal lake in Hungary. Naturally created from composted plants, flowers, herbs and grasses that create bio-minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, moor mud allows the skin to easily absorb all the nutrition found in this gift..   Humans cannot recreate this magical mud!


  • Purifies skin
  • Decongest Pores
  • Acne fighter
  • Tightens pores
  • Remover odor 
  • Balances tones

Skin types

 ✔ Normal to Dry
 ✔ Oily + Combination
 ✔ Aging
 ✔ Acne
 ✔ Sensitive 

How to

Apply a small amount to desired area. Rinse after 10 minutes, for sensitive skin start with 5 minutes.

Non Toxic

We go above and beyond the legal clean and pure standards in the US. Kanary is always synthetic free and only sources High Quality Potent natural ingredients that nature intended our skin to absorb.

Always made from naturally-derived ingredients only.

*Organic Ingredients 

*moor mud

Cruelty free - Vegan- Toxin free - 100% Organic 

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